Thursday, 22 June 2017

Monday night fell club

For me, one of the main reasons for choosing NYMAC was to take advantage of running over the North York Moors that I'm so lucky to live beside.  NYMAC offer steady fell runs on a Monday evening aimed at all levels, there are regular stops to allow slower runners to catch up, these runs are on most of the year and are great fun in the darker nights when the headtorches appear. Although some of the uphill parts are hard work the views at the top are worth the effort alone.
As part of my return to some sort of fitness I joined in this weeks run which started from Bank foot which also happens to be the start of a NYMAC race later in the year called the uphill mile. On this occasion we didn't follow the uphill route as direct as we do on race day instead choosing a steady climb. Before we had even reached the top of our first climb we had already caught glimpse of one of the many deer we tend to see on these hills.
There were only the six of us out on this weeks run, many probably put off by the warm temperatures which did slow us down later in the run. Mark Brown had arranged the location this week, as he does most weeks, but it was Bryan Saysell and his friend and rival Clem who soon took over the "discussions" of where we were heading so we had a good tour of the moor before heading down the "uphill mile"
Monday night fell runs are a great start to the week and I highly recommend all members to attend a few over the summer months before trying out a head torch run.

Tees barrage parkrun

Saturday mornings are most weeks all about Parkruns, my last attempt at a parkrun before my festival  trip resulted in arriving late at Fountains abbey and been refused entry into the grounds!
This week with a weather forecast of rather warm temperatures I decided to attend Tees barrage Parkrun with Chris hoping there may be a slight cooler air coming off the river? How wrong we were! When your sweating during the warm up you know it's going to be a warm one and that's how it ended up. Tees barrage for those that haven't took part yet includes three bridges to cross which also includes stairways and ramps, just leading up to the third of the bridges I managed to almost fall when my ankle gave way on the pathway, luckily I stayed upright but it slowed me down for the rest of the run. With the heat rising by the minute it was a relief to see the finish line and I was very jealous of the black Labrador in front of me which jumped straight into the river for a cool down swim!

Thursday back to NYMAC

With my annual road trip to the Isle of Wight festival coming up I decided it would be a good time to have 10 days rest from running which my legs were in need of. As any of you know that's been to any festival, you spend a lot of time on your feet and a lot of walking around is needed so it wasn't a full rest period but my I did feel rested on my return. 
Thursday nights at NYMAC are always my favourite so it was nice to restart back there, this weeks session was again to be held at Flatts lane so after a steady uphill warm up run to the meeting point it was good to be running again. The session was two laps of the large outer loop including a tough hill which although good hill training is pretty brutal. On the first lap I managed to run most of the way up until the legs decided against it. On the second lap with tiredness kicking in I struggled to run up it and had to walk up most of it, although I don't mind walking at times when needed, I intend to run up this hill in the near future when a lot fitter.
Flatts lane is a nice session to do and is a nice change of scenery from the cycle path we generally have to use in the winter.
One thing I did notice at the session was the number of new faces, good to see.

Friday, 26 May 2017

NYMAC relays

It's not very often that I'm pleased to be not running but this evenings NYMAC relays was held on a very warm evening. The relays is a very popular event nowadays with all places sold inside 45 minutes a few weeks ago. Teams of four running a leg each of a mile lap of Stewart park. I ran in the event last year and although a mile doesn't sound too difficult throw in the fact your trying to run your lap as fast as you have ever done, there are many spectators watching and of course the difficult uphill finish, you can see why the event is as popular as it is.
NYMAC were represented by 8 teams this year including 2 ladies teams which is great to see and when one of the men's teams is announced third place overall it's a very popular result with the spectators.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Sewerby Hall

Tuesday evening was Chris's last long run before his Taper week leading up to Liverpool marathon next weekend. As I seemed to have done plenty of his long runs with him I headed out on the last one. Chris had worked out a 5 mile loop which ended near his house, the plan was to do 3 laps. On a warm evening the first lap Went with no problems. On the second loop we passed most of our fellow NYMAC runners outside Stewart park. The third and final lap was tough and I struggled to complete the third lap, though I was overall pleased to get close to 14 miles.
After a few extra days rest after the long run I found myself heading to Sewerby hall Parkrun as we were staying in a local holiday park for a couple of nights. Set in the grounds of the hall  this parkrun was a mixture of everything. The start line is exactly outside the front door of the hall and the first 3km heads out of the grounds towards the cliff edge above the beach and back again, on a warm morning the breeze was most welcome at this point although I can't imagine its very nice in the winter! After a run around the local cricket pitch we headed back into the grounds through the courtyards where it suddenly became a trail run through woodlands, down and up steps into narrow paths before heading back to the hall for the finish. Highly recommend this parkrun if your ever staying locally especially on a good weather day.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Locke parkrun

After a long week the chosen parkrun of the weekend was Locke park, redcar. It's been a few months since I was last here and it's also the home of my all time parkrun PB. The organisers have very kindly changed the entire route since that day so it's basically a whole new parkrun, so much that the route is now the opposite way around. The plan is to take it steady and get used to the new course which is pretty much is what happened. Unfortunately the new course misses out all the little bridges above the lake which is a shame as I felt it added to the character of the course but the new course is probably faster so expect some good times there in the near future.
After last weeks  pressure of making sure the online NYMAC relay sales went ahead with no problems I'm now looking forward to the event next week as it's becoming an extremely popular event.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Hardwick park

A quiet return to Parkrun this week as a last minute decision meant I was the only member to run the Sedgefield parkrun at the lovely Hardwick park. I have ran here on two other occasions, the Serpentine trail race and last years Neptune relay event, but I've never joined in the parkrun.
After a short delay at the start due to parking issues with the latecomers we were sent on our way round the small ponds heading towards the large lake, i felt quite comfortable early on but soon as we hit the open paths a cold headwind soon hit and I soon slowed down. After a nice winding route amongst the waterways in the park a short uphill path appeared ahead which took me by surprise as I hadn't read the course description. Overall a nice two lap 5k and one I will do many times again, hopefully next time on a warmer morning!